Shepherding Aloha

Trill LeBeau of Cosmic Serenity and Jordan Urbanovich (@jayurbzz) of PRCPTION Travel  join forces to announce their global tour.

The ODYSSEY: We’ll be sharing our Musical Medicine and visually broadcasting it to the world. Get a taste of it here:

Why Aloha?

Roughly translated, Alo is “the presence of,” and ha is “divine breath.”

In its native culture of Hawai’i (where these two Shepheads first met), Aloha is often interpreted as a greeting meaning “love” or “peace” or “compassion.”

Aloha is an acknowledgement of harmony and between beings. Aloha is the respect and love of all (much like Namaste in Hindu culture).



“We celebrate your soul, we celebrate your breath–let’s come together, cure CRPS!”

A collaboration project with the up-and-coming Cure CRPS Foundation to begin raising awareness with an online media campaign. This is the theme song one of the videos.

Activation & Collaboration

Activating one’s creative State of Mind in expressive collaboration and communal celebration!

In the spirit of Aloha, our mission is to shepherd the experience of individuals coming together as one: in tribe, in essence, in song.